About Me

I’m a personal stylist and image consultant with 10 years experience working one-on-one with my clients. I specialise in making sure busy and successful professionals have a stylish wardrobe full of flattering clothes they love and the right clothes for every occasion. 

Even if you are an expert in your field, a brilliant hedge fund manager, lawyer or professional of any kind, if you don’t look the part then you are missing a trick – it really is a whole package and gives you the edge. 

The people I work with definitely don't have the time or sometimes the interest to think about, source and create a stylish wardrobe. Increasingly in this busy world, personal shopping is a service people need and many professionals now have one as part of their support team.

Almost everyone I work with comes to me at a point of stress with their wardrobe, sometimes they have been given the service as a gift but that’s usually because they expressed frustration with their wardrobe. It’s tricky and time-consuming to navigate the trends and shops and pull outfits together which is why people come to the conclusion they need professional help. What we wear has a real impact on many aspects of life so feeling you’ve got it wrong can be really limiting.
— Lisa Gillbe

Why Work With Me?

I am a highly experienced personal stylist and I get great results. There are lots of new and old personal stylists to choose from across the internet and it’s important to get the right one for you with the relevant personal styling experience.

The strongest advertisement's are my client testimonials. Not only do they demonstrate my work but they give insight into why people have hired me in the first place, explain the common problems that led them to seek a Personal Shopper and the results they got from the services.

I am focussed, honest and no-nonsense but also very friendly and approachable! Something that comes through time and time again (my USP) is that I work hard to ‘get’ my client and who he or she is. I don’t believe you can create an authentic wardrobe for someone without having that ability and spending time on it. Style is a powerful form of language that contributes to others opinions of you but importantly contributes to how you feel about yourself. I am trained in the technical aspects of styling however there is a lot more skill required which is where my creative skills come in, combining both the scientific ‘rules’ with creative flair and vast knowledge of what’s in the shops!

Because I am a trained image consultant, I style people with a focus on body shape, personality and lifestyle/profession rather than a fashion stylist/editorial stylist who creates high fashion and trend-led looks to tell stories for the media and brands. I have only ever worked with real people and all their different body shapes, insecurities and lifestyle wardrobe needs.

My technical styling training at leading image and style centres in London is combined with my years of ‘in-the-field’ experience to deliver an informed, professional service. Always working with my clients on a case-by-case basis, to solve personal image challenges leaving them with a wardrobe full of clothes they love and full of confidence in their style.

I mostly work with successful busy professionals, the common thread being lack of time to plan and think of what is needed in the wardrobe, boredom with their look and a dislike of navigating the shops and all the overwhelming choice.

I’ve also worked with Discovery Channel, BBC and individual TV and Radio media personalities. I run Corporate workshops on Personal Branding and the importance of your image in the workplace. Past clients include Unilever and Cisco Systems.


My first style and image consultant training was completed at the London College of Fashion before taking further courses at the country’s leading specialised image coaching centre in Holland Park, London. I am an affiliate member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals, a member of The Stylist Club at Harvey Nichols and a recommended stylist at TEN Group Concierge.