Linda H | Mum of 3, Putney


I’m a stay at home mum with three kids aged 5, 3 and 1 and it’s fair to say I’d got into a real rut with clothes, lots if similar things, nothing really fitting properly, no style and nothing really ‘sparking joy”. Lisa cleared out 6 bin bags during the wardrobe edit which was really cathartic, her approach is very no nonsense and practical.

I’ve always hated clothes shopping and found the shopping day quite overwhelming but in a good way! I tried on masses of younger, more fashionable things that I would never have looked at by myself which really helped my confidence.

I now stand in front of the wardrobe intoning the mantra of ‘if it doesn’t look good then don’t wear it’ and getting dressed in the morning is a far more positive experience than it ever used to be.

Thank-you Lisa, we’ll need to do it again for Autumn/Winter!