Adele, Division Director, Insurance Sector, London


"I met Lisa just before I was about to turn 40 and was utterly fed up with my wardrobe which was stuffed full of things I never wear. I was always going to the same outfits and they were inevitably in black or dark navy. Lisa encouraged me to let go of a lot of things that were taking up space and which I would never wear and embrace some colour / different style ideas for my body shape.

The shopping day was excellent, Lisa really ‘got’ me and my style and I now have a wardrobe full of clothes that I will wear (and that all go with each other!) and I have some key pieces that I will wear over and over. Shopping now is a joy as I know what I need and more importantly what I don’t. I now look for things that will compliment everything else and I am saving money by not buying stuff that’s going to sit in my wardrobe with the tags still on!
Lisa’s friendly, approachable manner makes you feel like you are chatting to a really good friend but ultimately she gets the job done and has made me more ruthless in my approach to both throwing out and buying new. I feel lighter and more focused and that is translating to other areas of my life too.
Thank you Lisa!"

Lisa Gillbe