Gemma P, Investments and Banking Professional, London


I contacted Lisa because I was stuck in a rut with a wardrobe packed with clothes, few of which made me feel confident. We started with a discussion of my lifestyle, likes and dislikes, a colour analysis and then a major clear out. Lisa has amazing stamina when it comes to throwing out old clothes and can be brutal, but it was exactly what I needed! Having made space in my wardrobe, she identified key gaps and prepared a shopping ‘wish list’.

I have never been a fan of clothes shopping, but going with Lisa is a totally different experience. I’d describe it as like shopping with a fun, stylish and opinionated sister, who has great taste and an eye for what suits me. We had a real laugh and I struggled home with bags of gorgeous new outfits. In fact, I enjoyed it so much and found it so helpful that we shopped together again several months later for winter wear.

A couple of weeks ago I was packing for a sunny Easter break so I had to dig out last summer’s clothes. The outfits I was most excited to wear again were all chosen with Lisa. I think that’s testament to the value she brings. She finds beautiful clothes that really suit and that you want to wear again and again. She has also taught me the art of clearing out - Marie Kondo step aside! I totally recommend her and am looking forward to our next outing.

Lisa Gillbe