10 Tips for Christmas Party Dressing

10 tips for the office Christmas Party There are lots of reasons people come to me for help with their dressing. This time of year is especially stressful, choosing the perfect Christmas Party outfit and braving the shops.  Christmas should be a time for fun and to try and take some of the stresses away, I have put together some top  tips to make sure you go from the office to the party in style.

  1. Check the dress code!  This is the most important tip I can give and dictates your outfit. Is your party in a formal venue that requires formal dress?  In which case, this beautiful gold maxi dress (Monsoon, £225) would be stunning if you have some curves to fill it and also if you don’t mind attention!

Monsoon Gold Maxi Dress

A formal venue option for someone who likes a more classic and understated look this from Reiss £159 would be a good choice.


Navy Lace Wrap Dress

2.  If your dress code is smart/casual then I would suggest a plain top paired with a beautiful lace skirt like this one from Coast for £49 (reduced from 89).  Add a chunky necklace or scarf to add some finesse.

Gold Lace Skirt

3.  Lunch drinks are another story and I would recommend wearing your best suit or a pencil skirt and a beautiful silk or lace blouse in a vintage style.  This one by Oasis is very feminine and would work well for a change from corporate styles.  Depending on the venue, you could combine with a colourful fur stole in this seasons jewell tones like this one from Topshop for £20.00.

Party Fur Stole

Vintage Style Blouse

4. If you work in a very formal environment then the Christmas party may not be the right time to show the real you.  You may be proud of your tattoos but this probably isn’t the best forum to get them out

5. Remember you are representing your company so play it safe, it isn’t a fashion show so you may need to tone down your outfit depending on your style

6. If the code is smart casual, better to err on the side of smart.

7. Christmas is time to wear more funky and interesting accessories

8. If you don’t use colour and wear black a lot, now is the time to wear brighter colours, ‘tis the party season after all!

9. Make sure your clothes are not too tight and fit well so you feel comfortable and can concentrate on the party not pulling your skirt down every two minutes or holding your tummy in!

10. And lastly - have fun it’s Christmas!

Lisa Gillbe

Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant