What is the value of a personal stylist in a recession?


Is using a Personal Stylist a valuable resource?

A couple of weeks back Sir Phillip Green announced retail giant Arcadia was to close hundreds of shops around the country. Trend forecasts show that retailers have started to move away from so called ‘fast fashion’ with Primark this week announcing a fall in their profits too. During times like these people start to watch their pennies more, they want quality rather than quantity and need to see their purchases working harder for them, have longevity and to see more value for money. So what is the value of using a Stylist?

Long-term, the goal of a personal stylist is to save you money by working with you to develop a style that is authentic and matches your lifestyle, personality and goals.

A stylist will take an objective look at your wardrobe and look at where you are now and where you would like to be.  Great style isn’t really about fashion, it’s about knowing yourself and understanding what works well for you.  A Personal Stylist will help you to develop that knowledge and stop you from buying items that are unsuitable in the future.  Coco Channel said “Fashion fades, only Style remains the same”

Because shopping is quite overwhelming to some and most of us want to make a good impression, using a stylist to simplify choice is an investment. A personal stylist applies a combination of technical concepts like colour analysis, which look at the skin tone find the colours that are best for you and style analysis which looks at what cuts, style and scale of clothes and pattern work for you.  Armed with that knowledge you can then simplify the choices, have fun with current trends or start to develop your own signature look. By knowing your body shape, proportions and best colours you will know what styles suit you, breathe new life into the clothes and accessories you already have and make better future shopping choices – ultimately saving money!

Dressing well also gives you power. Coco Channel also said “When a woman is well dressed you look at the woman, when a woman is badly dressed you look at her clothes”. There is a name for giving off a great impression and it is called ‘the halo effect’.  When you dress well people immediately assume other positive things about you before forming any other opinions.  When you look good you feel good and that increases your confidence and your productivity.

Most of us want to look good and it really isn’t necessary to find ourselves in a panic about what to wear every time we have a big meeting, date or Christmas Party. Imagine how great it would be to dress with ease and excitement every day!  Well with some knowledge and consideration you can and you can have a lot of fun doing it.

So in summary, using a personal stylist is an investment that will save time and money leaving you with life-long advice and full of renewed confidence.

Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly." 
Epictetus, Greek philosopher

For more information in the services provided by Lisa Gillbe click on the video link where she explains the processes involved.


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