Boden shake it up and all hail the hip new mums


Goodbye muted cotton A-line skirts - hello sequinned mini's!! I'm feeling quite relieved, at last it seems, people are finally fed up enough to have a rant on Mumsnet and elsewhere about the same-ness of the styles and crap-ness of quality found at mail-order clothes company Boden, is 'crap-ness'even a word? No, but it perfectly explains my point about the label and you know what they say, 'when Mumsnet speaks, people listen'. I'm just saying that when you pay so much money for an item from their catalogue the least you can expect is a bit of quality to match the price tag.  Boden have been producing clothes for school-gate mums that recently have been deemed expensive and badly made for 20 years now but times have changed and they have decided to edge things up a bit for their new collection this September.

Death of the Yummy Mummy

The Times did a whole article about this in the papers on Sunday entitled 'the death of the yummy mummy', when reading the article, which observed that lately mums have started changing from dull dressed perfectionists into edgy mamas, I cheered!  I've spent the last five years wondering if the fact I still enjoy fashion and dressing up (and going out on the town with my friends occasionally) meant I somehow couldn't compare to my new peers, furiously pureeing in their cotton Boden spotted skirt and colourful canvas plimsoles.  Motherhood does have a way of making you feel guilty about everything but the Boden look was so widely recognised that the term 'Boden mum' was instantly recognisable i.e. a mother who always has brushed hair and something organic simmering on the stove, and dresses in that samey, twee way. Recently there was a huge thread on Mumsnet bemoaning the sameness and poor quality - see it here: 

So with Cherie Blair (ah, bless her), having a had a little pop at 'Yummy Mummy's' in the past couple of weeks, and  The Times predicting the 'death of the yummy mummy and smug perfection' (hooray!) what does the new mummy look like?  According to The Times she looks like Jo Whiley, Sam Cam, Gwen Stefani and Sam Taylor-Wood. Back to Jo Whiley for a minute though, I confess to having a bit of a girl crush on her and it isn't waning. She's a mum of four, never ages (NEVER) and still rocks a great festival look.  Here's a snap of her at recent Isle of Wight festival in a mint sequined 'Alice & Olivia' dress set off brilliantly with lilac Hunter Wellies.

Jo Wiley Isle of Wight


Kids love glitter!!!

So now we know it's alright to admit that nothing in your life is in perfect order and we can concentrate on edging things up a bit, here are some funky mum pieces for a festival/BBQ/party or at a push, the school gates and not a sniff of Boden, although that might well change come September...

1. Leather Biker - Yes again, there is always a place for one of these - wear over pretty dresses or even cocktail dresses

Black Biker Jacket


2. Topshop glitter dress - perfect under the above biker jacket and with #3 below:

Glitter Dress


3. Topshop wedge trainers - cool & comfy

Wedge Trainers


4. Summer skirt, sexy and demure at the same time - show a bit of leg at the front and wear with a plain tee - see #5

Chiffon skirt


5. Linen tee from Jigsaw - £59  but you get what you pay for and interesting separates do not work in your wardrobe without good basics.  Wear with the skirt above and let the skirt take centre stage.

Plain tee

6. Topshop's glitter skirt would be perfect with a khaki parker or army jacket and hunter wellies at Camp Bestival with the kids!

Glitter disco skirt

7. Simple dress but it's bright red so stands out. Good with ankle boots and with #8 below

Red jersey dress


8. Beautiful antique buckle belt from Jigsaw - I've got this and wear with pretty floral dresses and boots but it would edge up the dress above too

Chunky Belt

At the time of typing this post, the weather forecasters are saying the UK won't be getting much sun until AUGUST. So if we can't glow in the sun, at least we can sparkle in the rain with a bit of glitter or brighten up the horizon in a bright red dress!  My boys always like it when I stick on a bright dress or bit of glitter because they can easily spot me in a crowd if they wander off and hey, kids love glitter! Glam mums = happy children who don't get lost :)

Lisa x