Politicians and their particular personal style


Aspiration Nation The political climate is hotting up - David Cameron took to the floor with his 'uplifting' speech about how Britain should be an "aspiration nation" whilst over in Brighton Nick Clegg urged a "fight for Fairness", and then there was the other one, what's his name, you know, the brother who won but shouldn't have? Whatev's, he made me feel so ill with his contrived-to-be-relaxed but oh-so-unrelaxed start of speech, 'ooh, where's my speech, well audience I don't have one, we're going to do things differently!" routine, I have burned him from my memory and until his brother takes over will not be mentioning him again.

On a much more important note than boring old policies and "fighting for fairness", I never fail to feel disappointed with the sartorial errors of our unstylish politicians.  They dress so well in Europe, and in America they are groomed to within an inch of their lives telling us "we are in control, we have brains but hey, we have style too" and this really is a good thing.

The ladies and gents of the UK still think of it as frivolous to dress well and protest that it is not what they look like that counts but what they say.... honestly, stick on some lipstick and some plain smart clothes and people will listen to what you say because they won't be  distracted by your bitten down nails, ill-fitting dated suits and bad shoes.  Look at Anne Widdecombe, the origial politican/spinster/intellect/mad cat-woman. Seemingly from nowhere (and I was not ready) she stuck on a bit of lippy, went blonde and before you knew it she was sliding across the Strictly dancefloor every Saturday night, legs akimbo, a new woman!  Mum you were right, lipstick can open doors!

How to dress a politician without distracting from their very important words and gigantic brains

So what are the rules of dressing well as a politician/head of state/leader?  Well if you're Nick Clegg then you don't even bother wearing a tie to do a keynote speech - slack.  I googled 'nick Clegg no tie" and a link to his speech came up under the title "Nick Clegg being a knob without a tie" so clearly I am not alone.  If you are David Cameron you dress like someone from middle management, unthreatening and serious.  If you are a leader's wife then today you have to be a clothes horse but this isn't what I'm suggesting here.  All it takes is a few key pieces, simple and classic.  Let's look at the French politicians, they dress in a very simple non-threatening and pretty unimaginative way but look incredibly stylish and ready for business.

First we have Rachida Dati a French politician who admittedly, is extremely attractive, but also a genius at dressing well.  Red top in her colours, matching lippy and high contrast black jacket belted brilliantly. She looks put-together and like she is 'together' which I imagine is quite important when you're sorting the country out and all that.


Rachida Dati Style

Next  up we have Christine Lagarde, another well turned out French politician.  This woman is the queen of simple classics and never gets it wrong because really she doesn't take risks, she sticks to a tried and tested formula of classic pieces in her stylish wardrobe.

Tonal scarf

Now to the UK and America.  Here we have Samantha Cameron and Michelle Obama, both very successful women in their own right, both now clothes horses as well, enjoying the expression fashion brings and being held up for their brains as well as their style. These women have may be snappy dressers but they have a voice too!  They don't really need to bother with the duller classics, they can take more risks.


Bright and Beautiful


Finally, in my opinion, the best dressed politician in the UK - Theresa May. This woman takes risks with her fashion, she is the first female politician to catch my eye with her fashion choices for the right reasons - respect to you Theresa - please sprinkle some of your magic on the House of Commons and maybe we will become that aspiration nation David Cameron talks about. Got leadership ambitions? Please MP's dress for the job you want...


Leopard print on the dancefloor