Festive looks for men


Festive looks 'Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la - so come on guys stand out and make a statement this year with velvet jackets, cravats and more general stylishness that will get the girlfriends and wives in a festive flurry!

Dressing and style are about standing out and going the extra 10% - spreading the sartorial joy, feeling great and impressing everyone around you.  So, if you want a snog under the mistletoe this year - why not shine like the star of Bethlehem this Christmas!

Are Christmas jumpers OK?

Now, a word about style for Christmas 2012 - think GEEK is the new COOL and you will not go far wrong.  For example, not that long ago people were wearing Christmas jumpers 'ironically'.  British men are partial to a bit of irony which is maybe why they have embraced this trend so fully.  The thing is, it is no longer ironic to wear festively patterned jumpers or heritage style fair Isle, it is completely cool.  Check out Aubin & Wills, ASOS, Mr Porter, River Island and Matches Fashion to name but a few who stock this kind of garb.  Don't forget that it wasn't long ago that fantasy novels, video games and IT were uncool and nerdy and the looks that went with those pursuits were patterned jumpers, cords and big glasses.  This look is now THE look for the cool kids but it's now just for the youth, it's for anyone who wants to looks up to date.  Just walk around Shoreditch I urge you - and check out the bow-ties, knitted waistcoats and coloured cord trews being worn in a completely un-ironic way! Remember, the geeks shall inherit the earth...

Christmas Crackers

So without further ado, here is my top list of grown-up Christmas pieces for your wardrobe for Xmas and New Year 2012 that will show the kids how to do geek chic for grown-ups:

1) Velvet Jacket - Christmas Function, any soiree

If your function is super smart then wear the velvet jacket with the cotton-mix trousers from Mr Porter below, white shirt and finish off with the silk square tucked into your pocket. If more casual, a media or creative industry party for example, then wear with jeans and a shirt

Midnight Blue Velvet Jacket

Black Smart Trousers


White Slim Fit Shirt

Polka Dot Cravat

2) Christmas day/soiree with neighbours or any festive soireee

On Christmas day you want to a make a bit of a smart effort so the Fair Isle Cardigan shown here from Matches Fashion would look good with the cotton mix trousers above worn with a simple t-shirt underneath. Or, below is another example of a good Christmas jumper in the cool-geek style that would look good with the APC jeans and a blazer or jacket over the top.



Wear with beautifully cut APC jeans and a smart jacket.


APC Jeans


Finish your Christmas day outfit/soiree with some brogues.

Mens Brogues

3) Lastly, you would think that no Christmas is complete without a party shirt.  Personally, I am not a fan of a 'party shirt' as such, a loud colourful shirt that screams 'party' but you would never dream of wearing it anywhere else. This style of shirt is starting to veer towards novelty tie territory which means it will become uncool very soon and then become ironic before becoming cool again but not yet...

Try this from Zara instead - it's a little bit interesting with the contrast, smart and would go with the Fair Isle cardigan above too - try it!  Wear with APC jeans or some cords if you wan to fully embrace the Heritage revival.

Zara party shirt

So there you have it, my Christmas line-up to make sure you have something to wear no matter what you are doing over the festive season.  It's always a good rule to make sure something is a bit off with your outfit so you look right on.

Happy Christmas from Lisa Gillbe Style Consultancy xx