Men's Style - 5 Pieces to Boost Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2013


Men's Style: Introduction Brrr, Autumn seems to have arrived this morning then. British Summer Time is officially due to end at the end of this month and that means time to start organising your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe.

Organising Your Wardrobe

First job is to pack away your shorts, linen shirts and linen blazers to make room for your new season wardrobe. Lots of the pieces you have already should work again this year, chunky knits including anything Fairisle, roll necks, boots and jeans but when digging them out, ask yourself if some need updating? Check the shape of everything in case it has come out of the wash shrunken or shapeless, are there mysterious holes etc... Check your own shape too - has that changed over the summer and now you need bigger/smaller trousers. Has you life changed in any way and you need to reassess your whole wardrobe?  A new job in a more senior position, a growing realisation that you are bored with your current look and need to update your cuts and styles?  All of this is easily solved of course, just by stopping and thinking about yourself and your life in relation to your wardrobe once or twice a year will make sure you look current and fresh.  Reinvention is a powerful tool and you can use clothes to do a big part of it.

5 Pieces to Boost Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2013

So, during the past few weeks I have been in the shops with my clients casting my eye over the best pieces to refresh wardrobes this season. I've taken some photos on my travels for the Blog bringing the shops to you!

Without further ado, these are five of the key pieces you should have in your wardrobe this season:

1. Grey Flannel/Wool Trouser

These tailored textured trousers are a great A/W update to have something different to your jeans or chinos.  Because they are textured you should keep everything else on top pretty plain and let the trousers take centre stage. These would look good with a light knit and chambray/denim shirt and brogues or with a leather jacket and white trainers.




Textured Slim Trouser



2. Chambray or Denim Shirt.

Winter is all about layering and layering looks good too!  A shirt like this works under blazers, chunky knits and thin knits. It looks good with chinos, coloured trousers AND the grey flannel trouser above:


H&M Denim Shirt

3. A light weight knit.

As mentioned above, layering your clothes in winter is good, it looks good and well, it's just wise really which is why a light knit or two is an essential part of any man's wardrobe right now. Fluffy jumpers are on-trend but simple knits like this will give you a lot more bang for your buck and it's worth investing in a merino wool or cashmere version:


APC Merino Wool Jumper

4. Woollen Blazer.

To finish off outfits and wear with jeans and brogues or heavy chinos or coloured trousers. This one is from All Saints and because it is grey will work with most colours.  Accessorise with a coloured wool or even silk scarf.

Grey Blazer


5. Patterned Knit. Yup, still here, these jumpers with a Fairisle or scandinavian feel look great with a shirt underneath and chinos or with denim. A good look with this jumper would be clashing with a checked shirt underneath, plain classic chinos and high-top trainers. Also, if the rest of your outfit is quite classic or plain then this will add some interest.


Zara Jumper

So there you go, My round-up of what's in the shops now and what you could add to your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe this season.

If you don't have time to trawl the shops yourself and need some help organising your wardrobe, book a Personal Shopping Session with Lisa.