Fluff and Glitter


Fluff and Glitter So I am delighted to report this week that fluffy jumpers are here to stay this season! Last year I got a brilliant cream fluffy jumper from Massimo Dutti dotted with pearls that I wore constantly. This year they are everywhere again and look excellent with a pair of jeans and a glittery necklace.


After one of my client shopping trips last week I took a few snaps of what is in the shops at the moment. Sandro have loads of amazing fluffy jumpers - see pic below. Zara have brilliant statement necklaces and the purple jumper below with the silver glitter necklace from Zara would work beautifully together.

Let it Shine

Also everywhere for women is faux leather in leggings, skirts and jackets but this time the leather is super shiny. I took a snap below of the Whistles green faux leather A-Line skirt that also comes in cream. Certainly a bit different anyway. Topshop also have lots of it, especially in coats.

Men's Style

Bomber jackets are everywhere and handy for when you don't need a big winter coat. All Saints have some brilliant options and also look out for their blazers and heritage style pea coats this Autumn. See below for some pics snapped in the shops last week.



Sandro Fluffy Jumper

1) Be stroke-able in one of this seasons fluffy jumpers.

Faux Leather Skirt

2) Shine and shimmy in this faux leather number from Whistles. Wear with a plain black top or fluffy jumper.

Zara Glitter Necklace

3) Glitter necklaces are still a great choice to liven up shirts or plain jumpers.

Men's Bomber

4) This soft bomber for men is a great choice with jeans.

All Saints Jacket