Effortless Christmas Party Dressing With Style


Effortless Christmas Party Dressing With Style  At last, the time of year for mincepies, fairylights, family, presents and of course getting dressed up!

Lots of us find shopping for clothes overwhelming and a bit of a chore especially when it's so busy. The shops are currently awash with party clothes, sequins glittering in your face everywhere you go. Wouldn’t it be great to get something a bit different and know you look the best in the room with minimal effort?

If you want your Christmas outfits to have more mileage then you have to spend a little bit more, never buy rubbish and concentrate on Style rather than Fashion. Your Personal Style is communicating with others without actually having to speak and it is the holy grail of dressing because a) you look like the best version of yourself rather than slavishly following trends and b) fashions fade but style remains the same. To achieve all of this is it often wise to head to a boutique and find something unique...

Style On Your Doorstep

Trawling through the High-Street can be tedious so if I want a specific party outfit for my clients, or for myself too that has spirit, personality and style I always find something at a boutique in Wandsworth called ‘Anthology’. Directly opposite Wandsworth Town Station on Old York Road it is compact but crammed full of party outfit buys for this Christmas.  Owner Naomi is always at hand to give styling tips and make brilliant suggestions but before you head there, check out my selection here:

1) Purple Ink Blouse – This shirt is beautiful and can be wornfor lots of events after Christmas. It comes in lots of different colour-ways too. Anthology have a great selection of Paige Denim Jeans to wear with this, have a look for the coated leather look black jeans that would really WOW with this shirt.

Purple Ink Blouse


2) This dress is called ‘Bombshell’ and if that’s the look you are going for then this will do the job nicely. Great for curvy ladies with cleavage, if you’re a bit straight up and down then it’s better to choose a shift dress and Anthology has a few of those too.


'Bombshell' Dress


3) A classy option is this deep blue satin 'Ausana' Dress £102.00


Blue Satin Dress


4) Next is a navy chiffon 'Robyn' dress with white stars - £208. Softer than black and very festive!  This would be good with ankle boots or killer heels or even dressed down with converse and woolly tights in the daytime.

Festive Star Dress

Lots of lovely choices there from a local Boutique avoiding the crowds and making finding the perfect outfit effortless.

Lisa x


P.S. We sell Gift Vouchers for all of our shopping and styling services - a lovely treat of a Christmas Gift with practical benefits too!


Find Anthology Boutique on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AnthologySW18