5 Neutral Spring Looks To Love


The sun is finally out so it is time to fold away your chunky jumpers and get ready for Spring/Summer. This is the perfect time of year to do a wardrobe clear out and make room for fairer weather clothes. If you are too busy or would like some fresh ideas about your look and have fallen into a rut then contact me for a professional wardrobe edit and  start the season with a  fabulous new look.

This month I have a guest blogger  'All Brands Glasses' who have written about 5 Neutral Spring Looks To Love for the Spring fashion feature. All Brands Glasses have all the top designer brand glasses and have given some good ideas about which styles to choose to go with your outfits in their blog:

5 Neutral Spring Looks We’ll Love This Year


Spring is about freshness, about putting winter blacks away and getting out pretty, bright pieces that you just love. But anyone who has rocked a bright piece in your wardrobe knows that you can’t brighten up the whole ensemble –there needs to be something neutral in there to create contrast and interest. So what neutral pieces should you try? Take a look.



1. Neutral and Pastel Oxfords


Spring Brogues



These mint and beige Oxfords from Modcloth fit the bill for cute, flirty, and adventure-ready shoes. With the neutral tones, you can match these shoes with lace (another spring phenomenon), with floral prints, with skinny jeans or leggings, or with dresses of bright colors. Pretty much the only thing these shoes wouldn’t coordinate with is the gym –but otherwise they flat sole gives you a taste for adventure in this season that gets you outside.

2. Lace Everything



You don’t have to be going to a wedding or pulling out a dress for Easter Sunday to be able to wear lace in the spring. Lace is now incorporated into almost everything: blouses, tops, shorts, dresses, leggings, purses, headbands, shoes, socks, tights, and so much more. Lace is a neutral accessory that dresses up any outfit, and it makes you feel young and feminine.


3. Cardigans



Spring’s best friend is the cardigan. After all, it’s still a little chilly (especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon) and you want to be a little covered up while still looking light and free. To get the look here, match any dress with a rattan belt, a neutral bag, and a neutral cardigan. If you’re spending a lot of time outside, don’t forget to bring yourfavorite Versace sunglasses


4. Layer with Great Pieces




Perhaps the best way to have a great neutral spring look is to work with great pieces. Make sure that the textiles for your spring outfits are breezy and thin. Also remember that since it is still a little chilly, layering is your best friend. Layer a cardigan and a t-shirt with a flirty skirt (and possibly leggings if it’s 60 degrees or under). Another option is to layer a blousy white shirt with some crepe pants. Whatever you select on top can be layered with a scarf or a chunky necklace in pastels.


5. Pop Teal




Tired of browns and blushes? Try this: throw and outfit together that is mostly neutral –like this example- and then select one bright piece, like these teal pants. Then choose an accessory that highlights that bright piece. Teal and coral are the two most complimentary colors to neutrals, still projecting a pretty and polished spring look without being too bold and summery.


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