Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe


Edit Your Wardrobe

If you look into your wardrobe every morning struggling to find things to wear whilst thinking 'I have nothing to wear!" despite it being crammed full... it's time for a cull. One of the reasons we only wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time is because we are busy trawling through things that shouldn't be in the way. Read on for some tips on how to do your own wardrobe edit.

Wardrobe 'Before'

Wardrobe 'After'

Wardrobe Edit

1. Remove any winter clothes still hanging around or vice versa depending on the season - if possible, put them in a different wardrobe. 2. Now take everything out and place on the bed ready to critique! 3. Go through item by item and if you haven't worn it for a few months, ask yourself why - it's probably because you've gone off it or it's dated. The best thing to do is get these pieces out of the way into a bin bag. 4. Remove anything that looks past it's best, bobbly jumpers, jeans with frayed bottoms, faded t-shirts or t-shirts that used to be white. Stains, tears and moth holes in clothes mean they need to be chucked out. 5. Do they still fit?: Now you should be making progress and have a couple of bags ready to take to the charity shop. Look at what's left and make sure it still fits you - if not, bin it.

6. Be brutal, this will only be a worthwhile exercise if you are honest about what you actually wear and feel great in.

7. Now start to put everything back in order. Jackets, skirts, trousers, blouses all hung together so you can easily find items and put them together

8. Separate beach & gym wear and store them away in a drawer. These are not day-to-day items and will just be in the way hung in your wardrobe.

9.When hanging everything back, make sure it is on decent hangers. NOT the awful wire ones you get from the dry cleaners but 'huggable hangers' the kind with velvet or similar covering that make sure your clothes stay hanging on. You can find these in most department stores or Primark have them too. It looks a lot nicer and neat when all your hangers are uniform.

Huggable Hangers










By the end of this exercise you should have an organised wardrobe with less clothes but more outfits! What you might find when doing this exercise is that it's the items you spend more on that stand the test of time. Usually 'throw-away' fashion has a very limited life-span and really is a false economy, it's better to spend a bit more on items you really love in better quality cuts and fabrics. Now try not fill your wardrobe with rubbish again and start wearing everything in there!

More Outfits!


Finally, if you do discover moths have been tucking-in to all your best cashmere then I can recommend a great company that can solve this problem for you. Total Wardrobe Care based in Wandsworth supply nifty little packages in beautiful candy striped packaging with everything you need to 'de-moth' your wardrobe.


Lisa x


If you want some help editing your wardrobe then have a look at our Wardrobe Revamp service. Have a professional and objective eye cast over your wardrobe for startling long-term results.