Corporate Office Style


Corporate Style In The Office


So this week we see the all new 'Apprentice' back on our screens with Lord Alan Sugar. Lord Sugar's cutting boardroom put-downs are one of the main reasons I tune in to the show. That and laughing at all the self-involved contestants too of course a majority of whom seem like the kinds of people you hope never to have to work with.

Upon seeing one of this year's unusually flamboyant contestants Lord Sugar dismissed him as 'as “a little bit of an arty farty person” who talks “yuppie arty farty bollocks”. I LOVE Lord Sugar. How interesting though that the way someone is dressing in that corporate environment can make such an impression about character? We have moved on sartorially at work and most people don't have to wear a suit but there are still environments that are very Corporate and you do. If you work in a very Corporate environment and want to look good and stand out from others in the right way then look elsewhere for suiting than the usual High Street stores.


Creative Corporate Workwear

1. Ladies

There's no reason you can't look sexy but in an office appropriate way, you're not eye candy and you want to be on equal footing with the guys. Head to Theory for contemporary work outfits, it's expensive but it is cut beautifully and will last a good couple of years, I honestly can't recommend them enough. I have lost count of the number of personal shopping clients who have said "I can't wear trousers, none fit me" who have tried on a pair of Theory trousers and have never looked back!


Theory Dress

Add a beautiful silk or lace blouse to your well cut suit to add some glamour and femininity but still keep the look professional.

Theory Suit


2. Guys. You can add flair to a Corporate look without offending anyone and being written off as 'arty farty'. I suggest choosing a softer blue suit with a colourful tie and brown shoes instead of the usual corporate black, add a pocket square - very smart. Finish the look with a matching brown leather bag or case.


Corporate Flair


Head to for great blue suits including classic navy and this lighter blue 'Lungano' suit (below).


Reiss Lungano Suit


So there you have some ideas to freshen-up your day-today Corporate work attire and hopefully not offend anyone in the process. But then again, a few ruffled feathers now and again isn't a bad thing! It keeps the juices flowing :)


Lisa x