Winter Wonderful Outfits - Fur Gilet's


Warm and Stylish Winter Wonderful Outfits

Brrr, cold enought for you? As I write today half of the UK is covered in snow with more expected tonight including over London. Whilst my two little boys will be delighted I for one will not be disappointed if the forecasters have got it wrong again. Mean Mummy :).

My thoughts this week have turned to, 'how can I stay stylish AND warm?' what is the answer to a Winter Wonderful outfit? There is only one answer - fur, sheepskin or faux fur gilet's! Gorgeous, cosy cool and sexy, what more do you want?

Rabbit Fur Gilet

First off I am going to talk about the real fur gilet's available in my favourite local Wandswoth Boutique, Anthology on Old York Road. The flame haired and incredibly glamorous owner Naomi took these pics for me herself, hot from her boutique. They are all around £175 and come in an arrray of colours including navy blue which is very classy and easier on some skin-tones. She only has a few left so hurry on down there before you get snowed in!


Black Fur Gilet


Fur Gilet


Cosy Luxurious Sheepskin

Jumping up to a higer-end investment option from Whistles. New-in this week are these beautiful sheepskin gilet's priced from £530. I have felt them with my own hands (which is the closest I will ever get to one) and I can tell you they are butter soft and utter luxury. The intersting thing about these is the design, especially the one with a high collar below. I really haven't come across abything quite like this, gilet's are usually collarless. They come in an array of colours too so you could wear the taupe with black jeans and the black with blue jeans.

Sheepskin Gilet


Black Fur Gilet


Faux Shizzle

Finally some faux fur which is also incredibly toasty. I have a £20 gilet from Tooting Market that I have been wearing over the top of my leather biker jacket with a chunky knit, jeans and boots. This one below is from Topshop and there are loads in at the moment. They come in cream, grey, powder pink and baby blue. I'm really hawking these having mentioned them in my recent 'Ski Chic - What to Pack' blog but I love them right now!

Faux Fur Gilet

You can wear gilet's with black ripped jeans or smart black jeans and boots. Or, over a maxi-dress with tights and boots for a Stevie Nicks inspired 70's vibe or like I am doing right now, over your leather biker jacket or when warmer a denim jacket.

They truly are Winter Wonderful - which is your favourite?