Autumn Trend - Victoriana


Victoriana Trend

Autumn Trends

Walking down the Highstreet this week I noticed the Victoriana/Gothic Trend is now in full swing. Lace boots, high neck tied blouses, long skirts, ruffles, velvet and lots of black!

Zara especially have fully gone for this trend, their entire shop window is mannequins decked out in head-to toe-black lace, satin and velvet.

When you get a bit older than 25 (in my case quite a bit!), it isn't always desirable to dress head-to-toe in trends because it can make you look a bit 'try-hard' and perhaps desperate! Not only that, busy schedules mean you have to have an easy wardrobe that fits with your lifestyle. Far better to have a strong idea of your personal style and then take bits from the trends to keep your wardrobe current. The good news is lots of this trend is wearable for the more mature amongst us - even the faux leather biker leggings in Zara...!


5 Wearable Items in the Shops Now

1. Black Blouses; both of these are by Isabel Marant available at Matches Fashion


Isabel MArant Tops

2. Faux Leather Biker Leggings; These are from Zara, wear with a smart longline fluffy knit and boots, a lace jacket (see below), or a long chiffon blouse. Another current way to wear leather leggings is to layer a tunic dress over the top and wear with high ankle boots - see the Baum black and silver tunic dress below.


Biker Leggings

3. Lace Jacket; a black lace jacket is a really useful wardrobe addition. It would dress-up jeans and look good with black trousers or the above biker leggings layered over a long sheer blouse.

Black Lace Jacket

4. Tunic Dress; This gorgeous silver and black dress from Baum at Anthology Boutique would look brilliant layered over the biker leggings above. Leggings can feel uncomfortable and exposing unless you are 25 with the figure of a gazelle so using them for layering with a tunic dress gives you a really interesting outfit. Just make sure you wear high heeled ankle boots to keep the silhouette flattering.

Baum Dress


5. Studded Boots; these are so wearable, available at Topshop and all over the Highstreet!


Studded Boots


Next time, the counter-trend to this one and more up my street 'Studio 54', full octane glamour with lots and lots of colour and gloss!

If you feel a bit bored and disenchanted with your day-to-day wardrobe and would like an image revamp I would love to help, get in touch here today.

Lisa x