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Love your Wardrobe


Welcome to my first blog of 2016. It's taken me a while to get the blog back up and running after the festive season. As well as all my usual family and work obligations, I've been having a massive home declutter and now that's done it's put a spring back in my step! To a natural hoarder and non-minimalist like me, tidying-up is almost as dull as 'dry-January' but I'm convinced that decluttering is better for the soul than detoxing so is well worth the effort. With this in mind, rather than posting images of fizzy water and avocado on toast on Instragram like everyone else, this month I will be posting pics of a tidy sock drawer and an organised bookshelf probably with a glass of chardonnay in my hand feeling lighter and organised as a result of my efforts. A much more satisfying January in my opinion!


"Spark Joy"

The decluttering guru Marie Kondo's new book on decluttering uses the buzzphrase "Spark Joy". She says you should throw out anything in your home and your wardrobe that doesn't "spark joy" in you anymore. She suggests, saying goodbye to the item of clothing you are parting ways with. Tell the dress, t-shirt or whatever that you've had a good time but now it's time to move on. This is a brilliantly effective thing to do when decluttering your wardrobe because it gives you a pardon from past clothing mistakes and we've all made those. One of the reasons people hang on to so many clothes in their wardrobe is because they feel guilty.


Wear your Wardrobe

One thing I am absolutely adamant about when doing a wardrobe edit and personal shopping trip with my clients is that after the decluttering is done, to make sure ALL the clothes left hanging in the wardrobe are truly LOVED. If they are loved, they will be worn, making your whole wardrobe more wearable. This doesn't mean having a wardrobe full of statement pieces or glittery expensive items but a great mix of basics, classics and stand-out pieces that make everything flow.


Clear out the Toxins

Having lots of clothes in your wardrobe that are mostly unworn is emotionally toxic. It makes you feel guilty about your consumption, the 'quick-fix' thrills spilling out of your wardrobe as a daily reminder. Despite all the clothes, you always seem to wear the same five items over and over again. It's a contemporary peril, and one lots of us face but the good news is, it's very easy to change.


Here are my six hot tips to declutter and create a wardrobe you will love and wear in 2016.


Wardrobe Love - Six Hot Tips


  1. Set aside at least an afternoon and take everything out of your wardrobe
  2. Separate anything from the past season, and if you can, put those clothes away in an unused wardrobe or vacum pack it and store them. However you do it, get these un-needed clothes out of the way as soon as you can. All you should have in your wardrobe are clothes that are current, and I mean for the weather, Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter not in a fashion sense.
  3. After point 2, assess everything left and go through and decide if you still love those items. There will be perfectly good dresses, jackets and tops that you haven't worn in a long time but if they no longer speak to you and suit your bodyshape or lifestyle then chuck them out. Maybe you've changed career, become a mother or had another life-changing event and your clothes no longer reflect who you are?
  4. As well as clothes that don't work from a lifestyle perspective, chuck out anything worn-out or out of shape. Especially shoes.
  5. Now with what's left, separate into two piles. One pile is the items you always wear and love and the other is the pile you think you need but aren't 100% sure about. Put the other pile in a storage box, I recommend Total Wardrobe Care for smart clothing storage. If you need anything from the box, just take it out when you do and hang that item back in the wardrobe. If you haven't taken any of these clothes out in six months, chuck them all out!
  6. Now you have a clear view in your wardrobe it will be easier to see what might be missing so you can make focussed purchases going forward rather than shopping at random. Have you got two great pairs of jeans? Have you got basic tops to wear with any patterned trousers and skirts? Think about occasions you have in your life and what you would wear to each to fill any wardrobe gaps.

Now you should be left with an organised clutter-free wardrobe, full of clothes you love and hopefully with a clear idea of what focussed purchases you need to make to stay in love with everything and avoid future clutter and random shopping mistakes.


If you need help decluttering your wardrobe and working out your wardrobe gaps I would love to help. Get in touch today for a chat.




Next time on the blog - six items from the new collections to "spark joy" in your wardrobe.