Wardrobe Refresh and Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas to Refresh Your Style


So many of us get stuck in a wardrobe rut and realise that our clothes are more or less all the same. Most of the time though, we don't even notice, such is the treadmill of life, we go onto autopilot and chuck on the same skinny jeans, converse and top combo. The tried and tested formula for a night out is to chuck on a sparkly top with your skinny jeans and maybe a pair of heels. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, if it 'aint broke, don't fix it etc... but shaking things up a bit keeps life a bit more interesting.



The Mighty Jungle


A while back on my blog I suggested the jumpsuit in this exact same print from Whistles. If an all over jungle print jumpsuit is a step too far for you then how about trying just the Jungle Top. I love the print of this and haven't seen anything else quite like it.


Whistles Jungle Print Top



Think Trousers

As we all know, jeans are brilliant.but wearing them them all the time has become boring. Swapping your jeans for trousers will pep-up your look and stop wardrobe fatigue. Trousers 'of the moment' are cropped, cullotte, wide legged or jogger style, there are loads of choices. The scale of choice can bamboozle even the most fervent shoppers amongst us so for those who hate shopping it must be confusing and probably hugely irritating.

Your body shape will play a big part in the right trousers. Pear shapes often struggle with trousers, usually suffering from stretched fabric around the hips and a gap at the back. If you are pear shaped then go for a side zipped style with no side pockets to accentuate your hips, there are lots of slouchy silky trousers out there right now that have a side zip and would look good with heels in the evening.


Side Zip Trousers



If you are apple shaped then usually you'll have lovely slim legs so Topshop Unique's patterned trousers are a great option for you. If you wear pattern on the bottom half and a plain block colour on the top the eye will be drawn to the pattern and away from your middle section. Adding a statement necklace to this outfit will help too.


Topshop Unique Trousers



If you are short and think Cullottes and wide legged are better for the taller amongst us, this is not always the case. Trousers with vertical lines or side piping will elongate your legs. There is another option too, try a short cullotte, halfway between a skirt and shorts. These black jacquard shorts from Reiss are an excellent option for a Summer evening look with a smart blouse and heels or choose a more formal pair for the office like these 'City Shorts' by Whistles for a very current but still professional look.


Reiss Cullotte's




Whistles City Shorts


Another current choice is a jogger trouser, again these are from Topshop. These can be dressed up at night with heels or keep them casual in the day with converse or trainers,

Tops Shop Jogger


Finally, I really love these cropped chino's by Boden. Again with a side stripe so elongating the legs these look so much smarter than jeans for a night out on the town.


Boden Chino



Around the Block

Realistically we are still going to continue wearing jeans, a brief flirtation with trousers now and again is refreshing but not a permanent replacement. So when wearing your trusted denim, try a block heel, the shoe du jour, they look great with ripped cropped denim and really smarten up your outfit.


Jeans and block heels


Chanel have the most beautiful block heeled shoes but obviously these cost £££ so look to the Highstreet for other options. All these are from Office Shoes:

Silver Block Heels


Rose Gold Block Heels



Happy shopping!


Lisa Gillbe is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in London, UK.