Cool Coats

Autumn is a comin'!!


This morning I dutifully did my One Element outdoor exercise session on the Common and was flipping boiling hot in this continuing Indian Summer we appear to be having. Frankly I'm a bit over it now, I'm ready to stick on my jeans and jumpers and a new Winter coat.

My beady shopping eye has been scanning the shops for a decent coat that isn't boring. You can be quite brave with coat styles, it's not your entire outfit, you can take it on and off so why not get something a bit jazzy? The point of fashion is to feel good and have fun and not take it too seriously. It's one of the few fun things in life that isn't bad for your health!


Here are three of the best cool coats I've spotted this week:


Oh Sienna!


This herringbone Sienna jacket came to my attention in the new Boden Catalogue. I love the relaxed collarless style and they have a wide range of colours to suit all skin tones and preference, black, baltic blue, cheek pink (below) and my favourite saffron yellow:


Sienna Pink Coat


Boden Yellow Tweed Coat


Essentiel Antwerp


If you are not aware of the Belgium brand Essentiel Antwerp, they are worth checking out. Available online and at Harvey Nichols they do excellent tops, dresses and knits every season but this season they are excelling in coats in my opinion!


I LOVE this fur collar vintage style coat and it is on my wish list for my Birthday in November. I never like feeling or looking too formal so often default to a parka but this would smarten me up without dulling me down.

Fur Collar Coat



The Other Animal Print


Snake print this, leopard print that, but have you considered Zebra Print?!! More neutral with the black and white pallette and this faux fur delight will make you feel utterly fabulous and doesn't it look warm!? I would TOTALLY wear this on the school run and to work with my personal shopping clients. Again, from Essentiel Antwerp it's charm includes a contrasting collar and it comes in other colours if Zebra isn't your bag. Try off-white with a gold collar, Grey with gold collar, or gold with a cream collar.


Zebra Faux Fur Coat


It's still so warm but if you don't buy the coat now then all the sizes will go. Happy shopping!


Lisa Gillbe is an Image Consultant and Stylist based in London, UK.


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