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The hottest NEWS is that all the retailers are 'Christmass-ing' up their shop floors as we speak. This is unbearable to see in September frankly but it's inevitable and so I'm going to enjoy the ludicrously long run-up and all the sequins and glitter that comes with it (ace!).

The hottest THINGS in the shops right now are from Mango and Topshop, my two High Street favourites.

I popped to Mango today to do a spot of research and they have loads of pretty glamorous pieces to brighten-up your jeans. I tried on this expensive looking silk mix cold shoulder polka dot top which felt silky and stylish for only £49.99. A big trend this Autumn is layering tunics over jeans and it covers your bum and tum so works for a few body shapes. This look would work in the day if you're feeling a bit glam but also great for evening drinks when you want to feel special but not OTT.



Cold Shoulder Mango Top





I still haven't worn any tights yet which is both amazing and weird at the same time as it's October tomorrow. My Summer tan is fading fast so I'd quite like a bit more chill in the air then I can roll out my opaque tights and shorter skirts;  - Winner, you can look a bit sexy but not like a wannabe teen with the magical opaque tights! I love this textured (quite furry) leopard print skirt (am pretty obsessed with animal print this year) to wear with a jumper or polo neck.

Leopard Print Mini Skirt



Boudoir style is still going strong with loads of satin and lace, negligee style evening and day wear and lots of slip dresses. I love this orange heavy satin slip dress, the colour is unusual and the straps wider which is good for those of us who don't want to wear spaghetti straps which is usually the finish on a slip dress. The navy lace hem dress is also great, it's a pretty standard shift shape but add a panel of lace at the bottom and it sexes it right-up but in a classy way - classic with a twist, love that. Totally wearable during the day, a great shape with the 3/4 sleeves too which is slimming on all bodies. Mango have an array of lace and satin or silk dresses in at the moment from maxi to short and very affordable, well worth checking out.



Orange Satin Dress



Lace Hem Dress



As I've mentioned more than a few times, velvet is knocking about all over the place this season and it hasn't got anything to do with it almost being Christmas. Because it ISN"T ALMOST CHRISTMAS. OK that feels better. As I was saying, velvet is all over the shop (literally) and a velvet blazer is a good way to wear the trend without having to stop wearing your beloved and practical jeans. I spotted a gorgeous gold velvet blazer in Mango on Oxford Street but can't find it online so here's another pic of me (looking knackered, the kids had a LOT of nightmare's this week!) from my Instagram feed trying it on earlier today :). Follow my Instagram here for (almost) daily outfits as I navigate my 40's, trying not to look like a frump.


Gold Velvet Blazer


Gold velvet not for you? It also comes in baby blue and cream, lush!


Velvet Blazer


Next time on the blog I might even start suggesting Christmas party outfits. Might need a glass of wine for that one to feel just a little bit festive.



Lisa Gillbe is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in London, UK.