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Bomber Jacket Wardrobe Update


Have you noticed the nights getting lighter already? A very encouraging sign we are heading out of the Winter gloom! I've been living in chunky knits and jeans these past few weeks, hiding my Christmas paunch but am getting a bit bored with that super casual look now. A brilliant way to update your outfits whilst staying warm is layering up with jackets and by the look of the shops for 2017, the bomber jacket is very much here to stay rather than a passing trend (for now).



To date, I've bought one knitted glitter bomber jacket from Primark and got loads of compliments (see my instagram below) which has spurred me on. The thing is, a lot of them in the shops are very girly with embroidered flowers which isn't me at all and also, I don't want to end up looking like a wannabe teenager in my 40's! I want to look current and a little bit 'on-trend' but not too try-hard and I have found THE PERFECT bomber jacket to do that this week in Whistles. It's black satin with a subtle black tiger print on the back so if you're not much of a fan of embellishment and pattern then this is great. Totally on my wish list for the next few weeks - LOVE THIS! Would wear with ripped jeans and a plain top underneath and heels.


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Tiger Print


Finishing Touches


Whenever I add a jacket to my jeans and top combo I feel pulled together. I'm not a formal/classic type of dresser though so more casual style jackets suit me, prob why I'm loving the bomber right now. So still carrying on with 'non-embellished/non-girly bomber' theme, I've found a few more colourful versions than the Whistles one above in the shops new for Spring and some in the sale. It's always nice to find something with a bit of a twist and that's why I really like the lavendar ACNE bomber below with ruched sleeves. Sadly I look like I'm close to death when I wear pastels so that one isn't for me and keeps the Whistles Tiger print at the top of my list. There is a Barbie pink bomber/puffa on my edit, but that would look awesome with black jeans and biker boots so I'm not counting that as girly :).





Zara Bomber


Zara Checked Bomber


Turquoise Bomber


Acne Bomber


Lisa Gillbe is a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant based in London UK.