Dress Better in 2017


SO LONG 2016 and a big warm welcome to 2017! Donald Trump might be grabbing funding from the Arts, talking-up the benefits of torture and building walls all over the place as I type but I'm STILL feeling positive for what 2017 could bring! We should always have hope at least... A new year is a new start, and a perfect time to have a good look at yourself, your fitness, your wellbeing and your wardrobe.  

Think about that all important first impression you are making which always starts with your image. Here are some good reasons to dress better in 2017:


  • Dressing well and knowing you've got it right gives you confidence that others pick up on
  • Refreshing and updating your style gets you noticed and gives you a new lease of life
  • Wearing unexpected combinations/stylish pieces in the work place will give you the professional edge over your peers
  • Having a wardrobe full of easy go-to outfits means you can concentrate on your job and what you're great at

All this is great, but if you are super busy, a professional and/or a Mum it's not easy to have time to plan a wardrobe, especially if you're not naturally that way inclined. More and more workplaces are now using a 'business casual' or 'smart casual' dress code that brings up all sorts of outfit issues because it takes more thought than throwing on a suit. Many people go shopping and feel completely overwhelmed and come home with nothing because they are stuck in a style rut and just hate the process of shopping. Or, they have a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes but still struggle to pull outfits together and are in need of some inspiration. It can be very disenchanting wearing the same styles of clothes for years and years, no wonder people get bored of their wardrobes! If you feel like this, a wardrobe revamp will be just the ticket.

Organised Wardrobe


Having a professional unbiased eye cast over your wardrobe can have startling results but also so does going shopping with a personal stylist. Instead of falling into the rut of choosing 'safe' items and lacking inspiration you can have a new set of eyes, fresh ideas and a whole new look that's still 'you' taking the stress out of finding the right colours and shapes for you and the right outfits and accessories.


Topshop Mannequin



A wardrobe you love

So if you are going for that promotion at work or maybe are in a more senior position now, it's a good time to raise your style game. The January sales are tempting but quantity does not mean more outfits. Well thought through purchases that pull everything together are where it's at, it's about key items. Longevity of pieces will ensure less brevity with your outfits!



Lisa Gillbe is a trained Image Consultant and Personal Stylist based in London UK.