The Ruffle Shuffle


Highly regarded as feminine and a bit prim, ruffles are still here! Unless you've been in-hiding for the Winter you will have noticed all the voluminous sleeves and ruffled tops in the shops. On collars, on cuffs on necklines, no edge is left un-ruffled this Spring. Now it's time for skits and dresses to take the same direction.  

Prim vs Relaxed

It's very easy when wearing a ruffled dress or skirt for day-to-day wear, adorned in pattern or florals to end up looking prim or overdressed. It's also quite easy to look a bit flamenco, it's all in how you wear it which will decide whether you look more Streatham than Seville.

I found some great non-flamenco, non-prim options in (my favourite shop of the moment) &Other Stories and Whistles. I LOVE the ruffled whistles skirt below with my trainers - also great with DM's or similar chunky boots. Would wear a different top though, the one in the photo from my Instagram feed below is too baggy.


Whistles Ruffle Skirt


This is & Other Stories version - much prettier, great for Spring. Again, I would pair with white trainers but I know that isn't right for a lot of people - too scruffy! Ankle boots would work and grey suede tall boots while it's still cold.

Ruffle Skirt


And so on to the Highstreet and where to find other ruffles.


Love the dress version of the Whistles skirt:

Floral dress


Whistles also have a lighter coloured birdprint dress - good for a Wedding or event:

Bird Print Dress


Maje have got this awesome short dress for girls with great pins! Good for a wedding with heels.

Maje Dress


Topshop Unique had lots of ruffles on the catwalk for Spring - this yellow dress is lovely!! Some people look ill in yellow but with the right skin tone tis will be a head turner!!!


Aster Dress


Topshop Unique's 'Aster' skirts are stunning - pricey at £175 but am very tempted!!!




Topshop Floral Skirt



Short ruffled version again from Whistles - also want this - too much choice.


Ruffle Skirt


Finally, if you like brights then this Topshop ruffled pencil skirt is pretty ace. I like it with a denim shirt or jacket. Would look good on curvy or straight figures.


Topshop Skirt


Lisa Gillbe is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in London, UK.