Golden rules for a great work wardrobe


Work wardrobe essentials


Standing in front of a wardrobe every morning feeling uninspired and frustrated is a stress when we need to get through the working week. Great clothes are hugely enjoyable and empowering and a great wardrobe is up-to-date and full of things you love with a selection of easy go-to outfits.

Every wardrobe is different of course as we all have different needs and jobs but there are some golden rules you can follow to make sure your wardrobe is flowing for your life and is full of exciting pieces you love wearing every day.


  1. Invest in really good foundation pieces
  2. Regularly update your tops and blouses to keep you wardrobe fresh and up-to-date
  3. Include accessories, these can change a whole outfit from ordinary to extraordinary
  4. Fit is king! If you are uncomfortable at all in your clothes they don’t fit you properly
  5. Stick to what suits you rather than following trends. Find the shapes, cuts and colours that suit you best and stick to them. I love this quote from Karl Lagerfeld - “trendy is the last step before tacky”

When I work with clients who dislike shopping or just don’t have the time to do it I always create a shopping list for the season that reflects their personality and has the right cuts and colours for them and I stick to it. Focussed purchases save time and money in the future. Try to do one big shop each season. Items you buy should work with the best foundation pieces you already have and will keep your wardrobe up-to-date and inspiring! I work with so many people who are bored and uninspired by their wardrobes…

Here are the top items in the shops now to get you through a summer in the office:


The work dress. A smart, professional dress that you can reach for if you are client facing or have an important presentation.

Pale blue midi dress


Silk blouse - beautiful silk blouses add a feminine edge to your work wardrobe like this with nice lace detail from All Saints


All Saints blouse


A coloured or white blazer - soft and muted colour blazers are a 2017 wardrobe essential for the office but also look great with light denim. This blazer would be brilliant with jeans and the nude suede heels below.


Pale pink blazer


Smart black trousers that fit beautifully. Theory do excellent trousers.

Theory trousers


Smart tops (five)

Regularly rotating your tops (Jigsaw do good tops) and having the odd one with ruffles like this Chloe blouse from net-a-porter or other exciting detail, keeps your look feeling fresh.


Jigsaw top

Chloe ruffle top

Silver or suede nude heels. Silver is a neutral colour so goes with everything as does nude. Nude patent shoes are too heavy for summer so suede is a really good choice and will finish off outfits with ease.


Nude heels


Lisa Gillbe is a personal stylist and image consultant based in London. Get in touch if you would like a professional wardrobe edit and shopping trip to get your wardrobe ready for summer.