Executive Package


This quick, simple and effective ‘shopping only’ service is for busy executives who have very little time to think about shopping never mind do it. All the planning is done in advance for you so you don't have to think about what is needed in your wardrobe. You turn up on the day to try the edited work-wear selection on and buy what you love. The aim is to take away the hassle of planning and sourcing your own wardrobe for the season and free-up your time.

It's true that business-wear rules are far more relaxed these days and many workplaces do not require a suit but have a smart/casual dress code. It’s hard to sift through all the choices in the shops and get it right. Usually, the styling services begin with a wardrobe edit and are completed on the personal shopping day because it is a process that requires knowledge about you, your current style and where your style needs to be to solve any wardrobe issues. However, not everyone has the time to invest in that whole process and they just want a ‘quick fix’, a wardrobe refresh to give them some great outfits to last the season – this is why we recognised a need in the market for 'The Executive Package.'

The key difference between this service and booking the ‘standard’ wardrobe edit and personal shopping package is time. You could book this service over an extended lunch hour if you’re really pressed for time. It would also work as an ‘event shop’ when you quickly need to find an outfit for a presentation or an evening work or social event. We will do the legwork and you arrive and try on!

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