Amazing Pleated Midi Skirts

Pleated midi skirts have become a modern classic, flowing and feminine, smart and cool, they are brilliant for the office. Sunnier days are coming and if you've got very pale or blotchy skin it's easier to get away with a mid-length skirt without the need for wearing awful natural tights. 

I love these skirts for work because one of the things my clients always want is to look smarter and more polished at work but still feel comfortable and these skirts will do that. Some offices are smart/casual and others I would describe as more smart/formal - definitely not corporate but you would not turn up wearing jeans in that environment. If you are more client facing or have high-level meetings at work but work in a smart casual environment you will need to add polish to your outfit for those occasions and a pleated midi with heels will do that!

Mango are killing it this season on the pleated midi skirt front. I really love the fact that you can get a pleated midi skirt and a co-ordinated matching top and voila! Outfit sorted without too much faffing and worrying about matching separates. It's a really modern smart look. If you don't fancy a co-ordinating skirt and top then a jazzy pleated midi skirt works well with a white fitted shirt on top or a fitted silk t-shirt top. If you are going flowing on the bottom half, it's good to be more fitted on the top. Wear with block heel sandals or my current favourite, a pair of suede nude heels that totally go with everything! 

All such stunning skirts! However, I've saved the best until last. This is my absolute favourite, it looks amazing in real life and looks great on. I don't wrk in an office and have to run around the shops all the time so would wear this with a white t-shirt and white trainers or some ankle boots. 

Hope that's give you a bit of work wear inspiration. If you need some help with your wardrobe this summer get in touch for a chat today. Don't leave it too late, I currently have bookings available in May and June.

Lisa Gillbe is a personal stylist based in London, UK