Wardrobe Edit


Professional, Personal Styling starts with step one - getting to grips with your wardrobe.

Would you like an organised wardrobe with a choice of flattering, stylish outfits that are easy and quick to select each day? We would love to help, Book our wardrobe edit service today and you won’t look back.

Declutter and Refresh

The fact is, if your wardrobe is cluttered full of things you hardly wear and you are unsure about, you will never feel your best so taking control of the clutter is the first stage of the styling process and the first step to your new look. It’s actually not that easy to do this on your own and some objective reasoning can go a long way to get the results you need.

How does it work?

Lisa will edit and declutter your wardrobe, keep what still works and throw out (give to charity) anything dated or unsuitable. It is a hugely cathartic process that will leave you feeling lighter and excited for the next stage of the styling process. This initial service will give you the required push to get rid of things that have been languishing in your wardrobe and holding back your style. Many of us feel guilty about getting rid of clothing for lots of reasons but especially if it cost a lot in the first place. However, that’s not a reason to hang on to clothes that don’t work for you. In fact, what a cluttered wardrobe full of clothes that are no longer needed does is drag you down and makes it harder to see outfits. After the wardrobe has been cleared and organised, it is much easier to see what is needed to move your style forward and pull great outfits together.

After a personal style & wardrobe consultation you will:

  • Know which styles, shapes and colours best suit you.

  • Have a clear shopping list of items to refresh the wardrobe and work with what you already have.

  • Discover your style personality and exactly what suits you and why some things don’t.

  • Have renewed self esteem and enthusiasm for clothes.

  • Get rid of clutter, feel lighter and have space for lots of new things that are focussed buys and really work, ultimately saving money on wasted purchases.

The wardrobe edit is the first step to your new look. Following this service the next stage is The Personal Shopping Day where we will refresh your wardrobe for the new season.

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I’m a stay at home mum with three kids aged 5, 3 and 1 and it’s fair to say I’d got into a real rut with clothes, lots if similar things, nothing really fitting properly, no style and nothing really ‘sparking joy”. Lisa cleared out 6 bin bags during the wardrobe edit which was really cathartic, her approach is very no nonsense and practical.
— Linda, Mum, Wimbledon