Personal Shopping for Men


These days there is far more choice in the shops for men and higher expectations on dressing well. Lisa uses her intuition combined with experience and knowledge of what's in the shops to give you a hassle free shopping experience that delivers great results.

We Make Sure You Look Up-to-Date

Having clothes found for you that are the right cut, colour and style and that suit you individually, will make a huge difference to the way you look and feel resulting in a more confident, successful you in both personal and professional environments.

A London personal shopping trip follows a structured shopping plan and wardrobe edit. If you don’t have the time for a wardrobe edit, we will chat in advance of the shopping day so Lisa can find out all about you and what kinds of clothes need to be in your wardrobe that work with your budget, lifestyle and personality. Having that knowledge ahead of outfit and clothing selection means Lisa can research and find the right items ahead of the trip which ensures a very personal and productive, stress free shopping experience!

 You can choose from a half day shop (3 hours) to a full day shop (6 hours) depending on how much time you have an what you need. Get in touch with Lisa today and get started on your new wardrobe. 

Man Shopping.jpg
Lisa has totally changed my approach to clothes and has given me the self confidence and knowledge to buy things that make me look my best. It was an incredibly liberating feeling to chuck out all the old clothes from my previous life and start over with the template wardrobe that Lisa designed for me. Professionally and personally Lisa’s insight and advice has been a revelation and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Andy B | National Radio DJ