"I love getting testimonials from my clients and hearing about what impact a new wardrobe has made on their life. From having a wardrobe full of clothes but "nothing to wear", to feeling stuck in a rut and overwhelmed in the shops or being time-poor, so many people struggle and when they finally get professional help it is a huge relief. Have a wardrobe that really works for you and makes life easier and more enjoyable. Read through these testimonials and hear about some of the wardrobe issues people experienced and see if any relate to you!"

"I met Lisa just before I was about to turn 40 and was utterly fed up with my wardrobe which was stuffed full of things I never wear. I was always going to the same outfits and they were inevitably in black or dark navy. Lisa encouraged me to let go of a lot of things that were taking up space and which I would never wear and embrace some colour / different style ideas for my body shape.
The shopping day was excellent, Lisa really ‘got’ me and my style and I now have a wardrobe full of clothes that I will wear (and that all go with each other!) and I have some key pieces that I will wear over and over. Shopping now is a joy as I know what I need and more importantly what I don’t. I now look for things that will compliment everything else and I am saving money by not buying stuff that’s going to sit in my wardrobe with the tags still on!
Lisa’s friendly, approachable manner makes you feel like you are chatting to a really good friend but ultimately she gets the job done and has made me more ruthless in my approach to both throwing out and buying new. I feel lighter and more focused and that is translating to other areas of my life too.
Thank you Lisa!"

Adele, Division Director, Insurance sector

Turning 30 can be a daunting prospect, especially when you have no idea how to dress age and shape appropriate, feeling scruffy and uncomfortable in most things you own. Lisa has managed to make me look and feel sophisticated and smart but still young, without any compromise, and most importantly confident in everything I wear. The whole process from start to finish was enjoyable and also eye opening. I would recommend Lisa to anyone whether looking for a total revamp or just some help in certain areas, she has an amazing eye and will hold your hand every step of the way to your new improved look”
— Sarah, Healthcare Finance Professional

“I was given the personal shopping experience with Lisa as my 30th birthday present and I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first. However, Lisa put me at complete ease, made the experience so fun & seamless. She really cared about making sure I had a complete wardrobe by the end of it and that i had a mix of the staples & also some fun items which I would never have picked out myself, but are now my favourite pieces to wear! Would recommend Lisa’s services to anyone - professional, personable and just very good at her job! “

Katherine, Entrepreneur and owner of drinks brand company