Declutter your wardrobe

January is the perfect time to re-evaluate your style and step into the New Year with a clear idea of how you want to look and what you need in your wardrobe to get you there.


Having a wardrobe cluttered full of clothes you don't wear can be really limiting. If you haven't worn something for a year or more, it's doubtful you'll feel like wearing it again, or perhaps you love that item but don't have the right pieces in your wardrobe to make it work. 


All of this is so frustrating and leads to impulse purchases which don't fit in with your existing wardrobe and hold back your style. 


Time for a Wardrobe Edit?

This service is the starting point for your style refresh. Lisa will edit your wardrobe, keep what still works and throw out anything dated or unsuitable. This consultation will give you the required push to get rid of things that have been languishing in your wardrobe and holding back your style. After the wardrobe has been cleared and organised, it is much easier to see what is needed to move your style forward and pull outfits together.

After a personal style & wardrobe consultation you will:

  • Know which styles, shapes and colours best suit you
  • Have a clear shopping list of items to refresh the wardrobe and work with what you already have. 
  • Discover your style personality and exactly what suits you and why some things don’t!
  • Have renewed self esteem and enthusiasm for clothes
  • Get rid of clutter and clear space for lots of new things that are focussed buys and really work, ultimately saving money on wasted purchases.

The wardrobe edit is the first step in the process. Following this service the next stage is The Personal Shopping Day where we will refresh your wardrobe for the new season.