Get Dressed - Five of the best new season dresses

We are currently in an era of the dress there’s no doubt about it. Have you read about THE hero dress of summer 2019? It was that black and white polka dot dress from Zara that everyone went mad for. I swear I see that dress a least five times a day on some poor lemming, um I mean fashionista. So popular was this dress that it actually has it’s own Instagram account, I am NOT KIDDING. Check it out here. WHY this dress was such a runaway success lies in it’s simplicity of design, black and white polka dots, nothing radical there, but also it’s universal appeal was very much down to the fact it is comfortable and flattering. There’s a reason why this kind of loose boho style dress has taken over the highstreet of late. As we all get busier and busier and the choice in the shops becomes more and more overwhelming then reaching for an easy dress you can throw on that hides your tummy and lumps and bumps is a Michael Winner people. And whilst personally I would never want to wear a dress that everyone else has, I get it, and I am fully on board with it. That is why this week’s blog is all about the one-piece, easy dress, wardrobe essential for Autumn:

Five of the best

I’m going to kick this off with my current favourite brand, BASH. They do really glamorous long and midi length dresses. This one looked amazing on my personal shopping client yesterday - would suit almost any body shape, the high waist band makes it universally flattering:

  1. BASH Eleanor dress. Really like the sleeve on this too.

2. For full on evening glam I love this BASH multi colour shimmer dress. Could be worn to a few parties over the festive season. What? Paperchase have already got the Christmas card section fully stocked, It’ll be here before you know it!!

3. OK so this is unintentionally turning into an advert for BASH. I am not getting sponsored in case you are wondering but these dresses have just captured my heart tis season. Again, this one has a high waistband which makes it very flattering. This particular dress ticks the current BOHO/70’s trend that is still very much going strong. I’m so happy to embrace this trend, I think I would happily dress with a slight 70’s vibe all the time! As an aside, as we are onto the 70’s, have you seen this skirt in M&S? Set to be another winner this season I’d say - it’s buttery soft IRL and this a-line shape is flattering on most of us. Am ordering now.

Back to the dress! What I like about this is the colour purple - purple suits nearly everyone, but also the sparkle which would glitter and glimmer in low evening lighting or candlelight a real treat, It’s very feminine, the shape is flattering and hides lumps and bumps, it has the ‘on-trend’ 70’s BOHO ting going on as I said before, looks GREAT with 70’s style long knee length boots and has an interesting hemline. Love it. They’ve tied a belt round it in this photo which really finishes it off.

4. Moving on to another brand that has been around for eons and has recently had a bit of a PR campaign, GHOST. I’ve always been a fan and even considered getting married in a lemon yellow satin dress of theirs but I bottled it and went semi-traditional. I’m just not that bold or cool sadly!

So the one I really like from the new collection is this. I realise this will not be to everyone’s taste - it’s no threat to the Zara polka dot dress lets be honest. The appeal for me is the fact it reminds me of The Vampire’s Wife ‘Festival’ dress. Anyone who’s anyone loves the label Vampire’s Wife but at around £1,000 it’s way out of my budget. If I did have the budget, these dresses would be my go-to for any special occasion.This dress is pretty simple and a good price and ould great with chunky boots in the winter:

5. Finishing on a corker. I’m back to Sezane, still cannot get enough of this brand. So far this season I’ve bought their ivory lace blouse, jaquard leopard print trousers and gold ‘chloe- style’ square heeled shoes: AND this sparkly baby doll style dress that I wore out for dinner last weekend for my wedding anniversary dinner. I’ll also be wearing the sparkly baby doll dress layered over jeans with boots, works as a top too. Here’s the next thing I’ll be buying from them, it actually has a matching cotton belt but in the photo they’ve added a suede belt which I tried in the changing room and it looks a lot cooler with the suede belt:

Signing off for now. If you follow me on Instagram or on my facebook page I’ll be uploading a style video over the next few days sharing all the pieces I’ve bought so far for Autumn and what’s on my wish list. If you want outfit tips and ideas and don’t want to trawl the shops then do tune in!

Please get in touch if you want to book a personal shopping trip to get your wardrobe ready for autumn/winter. I only have a limited number of appointments each season so don’t leave it too late to get in touch.