Red Alert

We are in the midst of The Beast from the East and Storm Emma, the country is literally on high alert for atrocious winter weather and the snow is falling thick and fast. It's high drama and I've been inspired by it to write my blog this week on the power of red in your wardrobe. Also though, at my last three shopping trips with clients red has been a recurring theme in shoes, bags or coats. When I've added something red into the mix it has instantly elevated an outfit and become too hard to resist. 

An accent of red can completely change an outfit from OK to amazing. A splash of red will make you look polished, like you've made an effort and it's widely known that red makes you feel confident. People sub-consciously stereotype colours and red is associated with love and sex so by wearing red you will also feel and look sexy!!! I think I've set the scene for becoming a Lady in Red so let's get on with the actual outfit inspiration. 

The high street has loads of really great red pieces at the moment to cheer us all up until Spring. Zara has the best selection of jackets.

I love these red suede boots in &Other Stories. If this heel is too high, Zara have a lower heel red leather patent pair for only £49.99, these would loo really good with denim.

ASOS have a huge selection of red bags in every style you could possibly think up.

Hopefully this has given you some outfit inspiration in the bleak mid-winter!


Lisa Gillbe is a personal stylist and shopper based in London UK. Get in touch if you need help with your wardrobe this year.