Three Hot Spring Trends

Today is the first day of March and before the month is out we will be ‘Springing forward’ into British Summertime and a new time zone. Hallelujah to that!

There are many trends emerging for Spring but all I’m interested in are the clothes I can actually wear to drop my son off at school without looking like a total loony. Catwalk shows and glossy mags don’t bring much inspiration these days because they’re just not relatable - it’s the street style stars and influencers that give so many people much desired outfit inspiration and they are all wearing these three hot spring trends. I’ve wheedled out the main wearable versions of these trends in the shops now.

#Outfit 1 - Utility Boiler Suit/All-in-one

A recent progression from the wardrobe staple jumpsuit - the shops are full of utility boiler suits, or denim jumpsuits - or denim utility boiler suits! Also, you practically can’t move in the shops for dungarees either. Point is, the all-in-one is everywhere but it’s really tricky to get right. I tried on the denim version from H&M that is currently sold out everywhere and it looked awful on me. I’m a curvy hourglass shape so it should work in theory but the long sleeves and the collar made me look like a mechanic, a Land Girl or Jennifer Beale doing her day job in Flashdance! None of these are a look I particularly hanker after. The denim jumpsuit below looks amazing on this model (who is 5ft9 and size 8) so draws you in - it’s selling out fast and is a ‘tending item’ on Topshop’s site - you’d have to have a fairly curvy figure or a straight up and down to carry this off and heels are a must - another reason I can’t wear it but on some people it will look really cool.

In a concerted effort not to look like I’m off to work at Kwick Fit, I spotted this and it went straight in my shopping cart. Luckily when it arrived and I tried it on I realised it’s perfect! It’s got a detailed/fitted waist so the shape is flattering and puff sleeves which is a nice touch. Crucially it hasn’t got a ‘mechanic’s collar’ but has a flattering v neck and no long sleeves and that really changed the whole look of it. This is black denim so quite smart and works with trainers (yippee!) or wedges in summer.

Outfit #2 - Double Denim/Western

The Nation’s favourite Holly Willoughby has this week launched her denim edit at M&S in the latest release from her collaboration with the brand. This is a nod to the denim/western trend that we are also in the grip of this spring and of course includes a denim boiler suit described as the ‘marmite must-buy’ - perfect! Double Denim is known across the pond as a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’, a derogatory term that refers to the combination usually worn with a cowboy hat and possibly cowboy boots too. Blimey, that’s a tough look to carry off in the UK and I’m not advising it! No, if you’re gonna do double denim don’t wear cowboy boots with this look - cowboy boots are having a moment too but I prefer them worn with black jeans or a midi skirt. Suede ankle boots will work fine with double denim. A denim shirt is a wardrobe staple and jeans are a daily go-to for me so now I can just wear them together. Just a little point about M&S’s ankle boots, whenever I’ve tried them the ankle is cut so wide it gapes and doesn’t look good. I like Dune’s ankle boots.

Topshop very recently launched their new range of denim which is a great place to go for jeans. They cover every shape and style possible, skinny, flared, wide legged, straight etc… THE shape for SS19 is the straight cut and this ‘Editor jean’ is the jean all the fashionista’s are going mad for.

#Outfit 3 - Prairie Dresses/Floral Maxi’s

The prairie dress trend crept in slowly last summer and is huge for spring ‘19. The feminine extension of the cowboy/wild west trend and an exaggerated version of the floral maxi dress - both options are everywhere. The true ‘prairie’ dress is oversized and billowing, very Florence Welch - often with ruffle detail and in a vintage print. I love this look paired with a leather jacket and ankle boots. If so much material would be massively drowning on you and make you feel ridiculous and costumey, opt for a neater version - more of a floral maxi!. Rixo London have some great options as do Other Stories.

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