Transform your work look with these four blazers

It's so tricky to find the time to source the right pieces for your smart casual work wardrobe. I work with so many people who struggle with pulling outfits together because it doesn't come naturally or they've been wearing the same things for years and don't know how to shake it up. Lots of people end up becoming too casual which looks scruffy when all that is needed is a little bit of tailoring to pull everything together. A polished work look makes you look and feel more professional and is empowering! By just adding a few blazers to your wardrobe you can transform your look and have lots of easy outfit options.


Four essential work blazers

1. Boucle/tweed - these are stylish and fun, good for creative environments. Like most blazers these also work well with jeans and heels at the weekend.

2. Pastel blazer - pastel's are hot for spring and having one of these is handy to wear with all black or all navy outfits. The days of having to dress in a power suit are long gone but the classics are still around which is why tailoring continues to be important. By finding twists on the classics like a sharply tailored jacket in a pastel colour rather than the traditional black, grey or navy you are adding something unexpected and interesting!

3. Check blazer - checked blazers were a massive trend last year and continue to be this year, another twist on the classic. The fashion conscious wear a double breasted check blazer but that shape doesn't work well over curves and boobs. If you are curvier then a single breasted blazer is better. 

4. Classic black blazer - great to have one of these in your arsenal. A black blazer shows you mean business and works for more formal events and meetings. 


Here are my pick or the blazers that will transform your work wardrobe and keep your look current and up-to-date, some high street and some high end: