The most flattering, elegant, on-trend, comfortable addition to your work wardrobe

Perfect for work and dressed down at weekends with trainers

So this week I really wanted to talk about wide-legged trousers and how utterly wonderful they are. SUPER flattering especially on pear shapes and hour-glass. Actually now I think of it they look amazing on straight up and down figures and apple shapes too.

There is a 70’s style revival going on at the moment, so as well as wide legged styles, shapes are very much flared too - also incredibly flattering on lots of body shapes because if you have wide hips (most of us) then the flared leg will balance your shape nicely.

Workwear with personality & style

These days we can bring personality into the workplace in the smart/casual environment. If you want to appear stylish, current and polished, adding a couple of pairs of wide legged trousers to your look will pay dividends. I like them high waisted with a pretty chiffon blouse tucked in. I also love them with tee shirts and trainers if you work in a very relaxed environment or at the weekend.

Here are some great options around now;

  1. Pastels for summer are great but pastels don’t suit everyone when worn close to the face - they can be really wishy-washy and draining. Solve that problem by wearing pastels on the bottom half and get your summer look nailed.

2. The satin stripe on these Me&Em pants adds a little something something.

3. Pleated wide leg trousers are a different take on this trend and I like these in trusty navy blue for work. Whistles has currently got up to 50% off lots of lines - in fact the sales are in full swing already pretty much everywhere.

4. I love these cool kick flare rose pink trousers from Stine Goya. They’ve been styled-up in this photo in a bit too much of a ‘fashion’ way for my personal taste. I’d take it down a notch and wear with a plain silk blouse and heels in a neutral leather so the trousers are the only focal point. If things are too OTT I feel too self-conscious which isn’t relaxing so I prefer to keep it simple.

5. I love these red Claudie Pierlot wide trousers in easy-to-wear crepe with a smart crease up the front. A few of my clients got these earlier in the season in the navy blue for work because they just don’t crease and hang beautifully. I think once the sun shines (will it ever!) the red will look lovely - a strong look for the office!

Five stylish pairs of wide trousers you can wear to the office that aren’t drab or dull and will make you feel fabulous in the office.

Lisa Gillbe is a personal stylist based in London, UK. Get in touch for details of her styling and shopping packages.