Outfit ideas for when you're sick of wearing jeans all the time

I recorded a new podcast yesterday all about the importance of finding your personal style and the (pardon my French) bullshit concept of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ capsule wardrobe. I talk about this all the time on my blog, why is it that magazines still suggest a cookie cutter approach to building a capsule wardrobe? Of course we all don’t NEED a crisp white shirt or a trench coat ffs. With my lovely bunch of pals, we discussed how to get your own individual capsule wardrobe, and we each uncovered a pivotal style moment in our lives that made us realise that what you wear has a massive impact on how you feel. Prior to that moment none of us had really paid attention to what we wore, we were very young so it wasn’t yet a thing, but it is so important to dress from the inside out! Since then, we have all evolved our style but for me, the core discovery of that moment in my life is still my personal style today! It’s a special first Birthday anniversary podcast you can listen to it here and maybe you could try to remember your pivotal style moment! I’d love to hear what is was in the comments below.

Ditch the jeans

Dressing from the inside out means you can easily communicate you you are instantly with the world and feel like yourself. Sick to death of wearing my jeans, I want other outfits that fit-in with my personal style. I have been inspired this week by my three favourite Insta influencers, - each of these women dress in the way I like to dress, comfortable, feminine, with edge and although they too love jeans they are also brilliant at feminine summer looks. OK, so today the weather in London is awful for June - cold and rainy so I am in my jeans (aggghhh!) , but for when it warms up, I want outfits ready that fit my personal style, ‘feminine & comfortable with edge'.’

Tulle & Trainers

With the imminent return of Killing Eve this Saturday night, of course I just had to include some tulle in my outfit selection. I fully understand this first look is perhaps a bit too OTT and not everyone’s taste so scroll down if it’s not for you! Inspired by the Fashion Guitar, a New York based stylist and influencer, this look appeals to my inner princess. The Fashion Guitar is often seen in higher-end clothes I can’t afford but also wears great outfit combinations you can run around in on the school run and find on the high street. I really like the idea of a glam tulle skirt dressed down with a tee and trainers. I’ve gone overboard and chosen a tulle skirt with sequins but there are plenty at ASOS without sequins if that’s a step too far.

Satin Skirt Heaven

The second look is from my favourite of all the influencers ‘Karen Brit Chick'.’ She is definitely worth following for her excellent, very wearable day-to-day looks. Expertly mixing vintage with high street and a perfect example of a feminine dresser who likes to be comfortable - see her many dresses paired with chunky sandals or trainers on Insta. She also wears a lot of satin skirts with the current hot trend of a ‘barely there’ sandal. Inspired by the 90’s - & Other Stories has a lot of great skinny sandal options. Karen also does brilliant bi-weekly style videos on her Youtube channel - she’s very natural and entertaining to watch.

This outfit is feminine, sexy and relaxed and the shops are full of brilliant satin skirts at the moment. If you don’t fancy wearing a bodysuit like Karen, a satin skirt works just as well with a cotton cami or a t-shirt.

Feminine Animal Print

The final outfit is from super blogger Sincerely Jules. She’s probably one of the biggest influencers of our time and always looks amazing. I love this animal print maxi skirt and the warm tones she’s wearing for summer and guess what? It’s from my current obsession brand Sezane! That brand has been mentioned in this blog in the past three posts. Frustratingly, although this instagram photo is very recent I can’t locate the skirt on the Sezane website. It doesn’t make sense to advertise something on such a huge influencer if it’s already sold out so I can only assume its on it’s way into stock soon. I’m going to keep my beady eyes open for it because it’s firmly on my wish list. In the meantime, I found this zebra print maxi skirt from H&M which is rather good too, out fo stock but being re-stocked soon or the Topshop Boutique silk version is lovely and IN STOCK. The devil is in the detail so do wear with a fitted tee, cute sandals, a belt and a bucket bag.

There we have it, a few outfit ideas that will hopefully inspire you to store the jeans away for the coming months. When the sun is really shining, all I want to wear are skirts and t-shirts so these looks will be getting me through the summer.

Lisa Gillbe is a personal stylist based in London, UK. Get in touch to find out more about her wardrobe edit and personal shopping packages.