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The capsule wardrobe

The old concept of the capsule wardrobe needs to be updated. Why do we all need a crisp white shirt and a trench coat? Lisa share her tips on how to build a capsule wardrobe you actually need that contains clothes you love that fit and flatter for summer.

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The two real reasons we have a wardrobe full of clothes but "nothing to wear"

What items do we need to create a capsule wardrobe for summer? There are two main reasons your wardrobe is giving you stress and stylist Lisa Gillbe explains why and what can be done to change that.

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How to dress smart in summer when the shops are full of hippy clothes

The shops are full of relaxed ‘hippy’ style clothing but when you still need to look smart in the office, where should you shop? Here are stylist Lisa Gillbe’s top tips for a polished summer look and the pieces to invest in.

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